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Space War Battle Cadet DX


Platform: Android

Engine: Unity

SWBC DX is a 2 color matching, bullet-hell, vertical SHMUP game for Android made by Two Tailed Fox.

Jann Mjoen worked on the project as a programmer. Where he coded the entire code base for the game in C#. Sample code from the project can be found here.


SWBC DX was released in September 2022 and debuted on the show floor of EGX London 2022. 

Head to the stars in Space War Battle Cadet Deluxe – where you’ll match colored bullets to charge up super attacks to destroy enemies in intergalactic battle. Customize your ship colors in the Hangar, explore 8 vastly different levels across 4 unique Destinations in the Galaxy Map, unlock 4 devastating supers, and collect 5 futuristic ships through challenges! Godspeed Cadet!


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